Located in the village of Fontrabiouse, Grotte de Fontrabiouse was discovered in 1958 during the exploitation of the marble quarry that dominates the village.

A quarry rock blasting revealed an enormous hole setting on two levels, and displaying an extremely rich and concretioned underground landscape.

This cave will be the speleologists' territory during 25 years before the town council decides to make this mysterious underground world accessible to the general public.

Thanks to the comfortable equipment – set on two levels – of the cave, visitors can discover a fascinating and perfectly preserved underground world at their own pace. Several chambers follow one another during this underground circuit stretching for approximately 1km. A lake, columns, hundreds of fistulous stalactites hanging from the roof, thus looking like silver hair. A lot of colours brighten up this spectacular circuit.

In various areas, Men could take advantage of the virtues of Mother Nature. Here, at Fontrabiouse, they have chosen to have their wine matured and their cheese refined, which make them so proud in these Pyrenean mountains. These products will be presented, and you will have the opportunity to taste them at the end of each visit.

In order to help visitors feel very comfortable, a spacious reception area and a sunny terrace allow them to have a hot or cold drink. They can also pay a visit to our souvenir shop offering a wide choice of minerals and local products.